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Portable Compactors

Numac’s Eco-Plus Range of static compactors are ideal for disposing large volumes of commercial and medium density industrial waste.

Numac’s Eco-Save Portable compactor is a totally self contained waste compaction unit. Ideal where space is limited requiring no more than an average car.

Limited Space? Our Eco-save Portable compactor is an ideal machine where space is limited. This model comes with a fitted multi-purpose bin-lift.

Portable RoRo Compactor fitted with lifting hooks on both ends. Compactor is ideal when fed from a ramp, this type of compactor is common in most recycling centres and handles all types of waste. Recently they have became quite popular with green waste.

Numac’s Eco-Star portable waste compactor with fitted multi-purpose bin-lift is a totally self contained waste compaction unit which is larger than our Eco-save model enabling the disposal of large volumes of waste.