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Containers fitted with sliding plastic lids have started to become more popular over the past few years. The lids fitted to the container are designed to keep all material inside dry. This is ideal to material such as plaster board which needs to be kept dry.

We have always designed and manufactured containers for the transportation of sludge waste. This particular container has been fitted with a PVC cover. Once container is filled then cover is fitted for transport. Container is partly covered at the rear to stop overspill when lifting.

This container is designed for wet sludge waste. Sludge is pumped into the container, once container is filled to capacity, a cut switch stops the pump or directs the waste to another container. This is proven successful as it doesn’t need constant monitoring.

At Numac we offered a compactor container range, both chain-lift and hook lift. The most common sizes are the 35 and 40 Cubic yard containers. The containers are manufactured to CHEM Standard and fit onto all static compactors.

With the continued growth of Bio-fuels, we have designed and built a Roll-on Roll-off container with a perforated floor which enables it to dry wood chip. The floor is removable so the container can be cleaned out.