Numac Waste Containers

Numac’s product ranges have been designed to address any and all waste or recycling needs which our customers may have. All of our products are manufactured in line with the industry CHEM standards.

  • Wheeled Containers – Metal bodied bins from 660 – 1100 litres.
  • Bulk Containers – CHEM standard hook (and cable) lift range.
  • Skips & Ancillary Products – Waste containers and equipment.
  • Portable & Static Compactors – Hand fed & hydraulic bin lifts.

Gradeall Static compactor hand fed compactor available
Can be sold as it is or refurbished
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Numac’s Eco-Star portable waste compactor with fitted multi-purpose bin-lift is a totally self contained waste compaction unit which is larger than our Eco-save model enabling the disposal of large volumes of waste.

Space is usually an issue when installing a compactor on a company premises, so the mini compactor was introduced to take care of that problem. The Machine can be installed in places where your ordinary lorry can’t access like a underground car parks.

With the continued growth of Bio-fuels, we have designed and built a Roll-on Roll-off container with a perforated floor which enables it to dry wood chip. The floor is removable so the container can be cleaned out.

Numac’s Eco-Save Portable compactor is a totally self contained waste compaction unit. Ideal where space is limited requiring no more than an average car.

Numac’s Eco-Plus Range of static compactors are ideal for disposing large volumes of commercial and medium density industrial waste.

The sludge container fitted with an auger is a specially designed container used mainly in water treatment plants. The container is fed through a chute on the roof. As the container fills the auger is turned on which distributes the sludge along container self levelling the sludge.

This container is designed for wet sludge waste. Sludge is pumped into the container, once container is filled to capacity, a cut switch stops the pump or directs the waste to another container. This is proven successful as it doesn’t need constant monitoring.

We have always designed and manufactured containers for the transportation of sludge waste. This particular container has been fitted with a PVC cover. Once container is filled then cover is fitted for transport. Container is partly covered at the rear to stop overspill when lifting.

Containers fitted with sliding plastic lids have started to become more popular over the past few years. The lids fitted to the container are designed to keep all material inside dry. This is ideal to material such as plaster board which needs to be kept dry.

At Numac we are always designing new containers to suit customer needs, our Two-Way door design was the result of this. The Two-Way door allows the door to be open to the side and also act like a tail door as seen on most tipper lorries. This has proven successful among contractors.

The Roll-on Roll-off flat body is designed to carry plant and machinery. The body is fitted with ramps and tie-down rings so machinery can be loaded and transported safely. The body is heavy duty and able to withstand the weight of heavy machinery.

At Numac we offered a compactor container range, both chain-lift and hook lift. The most common sizes are the 35 and 40 Cubic yard containers. The containers are manufactured to CHEM Standard and fit onto all static compactors.

This 20 Cubic yard container has been fitted with a Roll on PVC cover and also fitted with a rubber seal around the door to trap any liquids. These type of containers are ideal for sludge and food waste. These containers can be used in factories where large amounts of foods are disposed of.

Our 40 Cubic yard Open top container is another widely used container through out the waste industry. It is ideal for light bulky waste. Again this container is made to customer specification, whether its light waste or scrap metal.

The most commonly used container for large volumes of waste is the 35 Cubic yard Roll-on Roll-off container. This container is built to different specifications depending on the customer requirements. The 35 Cubic yard container is used through-out the waste industry, from council recycling centres to skip hire companies.

The Builders Roll On/Off container is the most popular Roll On/Off container used throughout building sites, due to its short height, loading this container is simple. Ideal for construction and demolition, this container is built to withstand bulky heavy duty waste.

The 25 Cubic yard container is again slighter higher than the 20 Cubic yard. At 5ft high inside, this container can hold larger volumes of waste. We often make these containers for sludge, fitted with a rubber seal around the door.

Our 20 Cubic yard Roll-on Roll-off container is slightly larger than the Builders Roll on container. This container is commonly used were waste is lighter but customers required lower loading height. They can be found in most recycling centres.

The two-in-one container was developed for both chain-lift and hook lift lorries. Customers can deliver via the chain-lift and collect using the hook-lift. The width is small enough to fit onto a small driveway which makes this container unique.

This 16 Cubic yard skip is the largest open skip we manufacture. The skip holds large amounts of waste, light weight material is commonly disposed of using this skip. This container is ideal for skip hire companies that don’t have a hook lift lorry.

We also manufacture 10 Cubic yard REL Closed skips. These skips are are lower than the 12 cubic yard, they are ideal when there is less waste being processed.

Our smaller skips range from mini skips up to 8 cubic yard skips. The mini and midi skips are mostly used for small construction projects like renovations for homes. The 6 Cubic yard builders Skip is the most commonly used skip in the construction industry.

The Standard 12 Cubic yard Open Skip is popular among skip hire companies where the Rear End loading equipment is not needed. This skip is ideal for large and small construction sites.

Our Open Top REL (Rear End Loading) Skip is an ideal skip for recycling centres and construction sites. Container is loaded either by hand or machine. It can hold up to 12 Cubic yards of waste

The REL Closed Skip if the most popular skip we manufacture. This skip is usually loaded by hand, It is lockable and keeps the waste dry making it ideal for recyclable waste. This skip is used on most commercial projects.

Limited Space? Our Eco-save Portable compactor is an ideal machine where space is limited. This model comes with a fitted multi-purpose bin-lift.

Portable RoRo Compactor fitted with lifting hooks on both ends. Compactor is ideal when fed from a ramp, this type of compactor is common in most recycling centres and handles all types of waste. Recently they have became quite popular with green waste.