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Hook Lift Roll-On Roll-Off Description

The Builders Roll On/Off container is the most popular Roll On/Off container used throughout building sites, due to its short height, loading this container is simple. Ideal for construction and demolition, this container is built to withstand bulky heavy duty waste.

Our 20 Cubic yard Roll-on Roll-off container is slightly larger than the Builders Roll on container. This container is commonly used were waste is lighter but customers required lower loading height. They can be found in most recycling centres.

The 25 Cubic yard container is again slighter higher than the 20 Cubic yard. At 5ft high inside, this container can hold larger volumes of waste. We often make these containers for sludge, fitted with a rubber seal around the door.

The most commonly used container for large volumes of waste is the 35 Cubic yard Roll-on Roll-off container. This container is built to different specifications depending on the customer requirements. The 35 Cubic yard container is used through-out the waste industry, from council recycling centres to skip hire companies.

Our 40 Cubic yard Open top container is another widely used container through out the waste industry. It is ideal for light bulky waste. Again this container is made to customer specification, whether its light waste or scrap metal.

This 20 Cubic yard container has been fitted with a Roll on PVC cover and also fitted with a rubber seal around the door to trap any liquids. These type of containers are ideal for sludge and food waste. These containers can be used in factories where large amounts of foods are disposed of.

At Numac we offered a compactor container range, both chain-lift and hook lift. The most common sizes are the 35 and 40 Cubic yard containers. The containers are manufactured to CHEM Standard and fit onto all static compactors.