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Who we are?


ith over 30 years experience in waste handling equipment, Numac has grown and developed with its expanding market to satisfy the container needs of our 21st Century waste management industry. Numac’s continued pledge of excellence offers our customers peace of mind which is backed up by our inclusive warranty program.

Numac’s design team will assess and engineer a bespoke solution to any container handling application.

Manufacturing to specifications which meet or exceed CHEM standards, Numac is unique in offering a complete range of waste containers to suit every variation of lifting equipment, together with portable and static compactors.

For bulk transport Numac’s Hooklift range is available in sizes up to 50 cubic yards, where space is limited our skip range; including FEL and REL technology; offering solutions to 22 cubic yards and where storage is severely restricted, Numac’s range begins at only 660, 770 and 1100 litre variants.

In order to support clients on a tight budget we offer a full refurbishment program tailored to each individual case to minimise on costs and maximise the usable life of the container.

Numac’s spares division offers a full range aftermarket support products for damage replacement or customisation of containers.

Numac’s rental service is offered where outright purchase proves prohibitive or uneconomical.

Numac manufactures a range of ancillary items to assist with specific material handling issues such as automatic tipping hoppers and container handling attachments for lift trucks.

Numac offers a bespoke solution for any container handling application.

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